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Security Tags

Checkpoint compatible security tags in the RF 8.2MHz frequency are some of the most popular Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags used in the retail anti-theft industry to prevent shoplifting. With the 8.2MHz frequency being so popular, there is a great choice of tag and label types as well as designs to choose from. Most security tags and labels work fairly similarly to each other in terms of detection performance by the security antenna located at the doors. The retailer can make their decision based on their choice of aesthetics, personal preference or price.

Removal of hard tags is done via a countertop detacher which releases the lock in the tag and allows it to be pulled apart easily and ready for reuse. Deactivation of labels is via a detuner label, which blocks the label by scattering the signal or a countertop deactivation unit which renders the label inactive by partially destroying the capacitor in the label via an electromagnetic field.

Rectangular Mini Clothing Security Tag with Pins (8.2MHz, Black) - Pack of 500

A versatile all-purpose Checkpoint compatible, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security tag, the 8.2MHz Rectangular Mini is a mainstay of many retailers to prevent shoplifting. Its small form factor and simple design make attaching it to items smooth and easy while also securing items without interfering with the shopper experience, merchandising or brand promotion. Flathead 5/8" pins are included.  Utilizes either...

Small Designer Tamper Resistant Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, 1.75", Black) Pack of 500

The Small Designer Tamper Resistant RF Security Tag is one of our best-selling products to prevent shoplifting. This tag is Checkpoint compatible and is designed for 8.2 MHz RF systems. The tag measures 1.75" (45mm) in diameter and comes in the color black. The Small Designer Tamper Resistant Tag is also referred to as a "Golf tag" or "Clam Shell...

Large Designer Tamper Resistant Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, 2.16", Black) Pack of 500

One of our best-selling loss prevention anti-shoplifting products is the Large Designer Tamper Resistant AM Security Tag, which is specially designed to work with RF 8.2 MHz systems and is compatible with Checkpoint. It is commonly referred to as the "Golf tag" or "Clam Shell tag" due to its unique design, measuring 2.16” (55mm) in diameter and coming in black. Despite...

Pencil Mini Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, Black) - Pack of 500

Mini Pencil Security Tags are a cost-effective way for retailers to protect, monitor and secure merchandise. They are suited for clothing items such as shirts, pants, jackets, and shoes. They can also be used with a lanyard instead of a pin to protect items with a hole to loop into. This can include screwdrivers, power tools, and handbags, or can...

Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, 2.16") Pack of 500

Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Security Tag is a combination tag designed to offer standard anti-theft alarm activating ability paired with the strong visual deterrent of liquid ink packs to prevent shoplifting. This tag is Checkpoint compatible and is made for  8.2MHz systems, is 2.16" (55mm) in diameter and combines all of the great features of the Designer Tamper Resistant regular tag...

Eyeglass Tag (8.2MHz, White) Pack of 100

The White Eyeglass Tag is a versatile Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Tag for eyeglasses. It connects securely to the arm of eyeglasses and prevents theft of the item.  Features: Fits almost all glasses Strong visual deterrence Eliminates product lock down Rounded edges for comfort Strong rubber inlays to protect product from damage Quick application and removal Small and light RF 8.2MHz...

Golf Club Security Tag - Handle Placement (RF 8.2Mhz), Pack of 100

This Unique hard tag provides wonderful protection for hard to tag sports goods. Golf club security tag can be used to secure Tennis rackets, Badminton rackets, fishing rods and Golf Clubs and baseball bat handle/grip.When you run a golf pro shop, it's hard to track every single club that your customer try. Our Golf Club hard tag will make sure that...

Spider Tag Self Alarming Box Wrap (RF 8.2MHz) Pack of 10

Spider Tags, also called Spider Wraps, are an effective way for retailers to protect, monitor and secure expensive merchandise. This usually includes boxes of electronics such as televisions, stereos, monitors, computer parts, and headphones, or other boxes of higher-cost items such as tool kits, encyclopedias, books, boxed wine and other alcohol. These tags provide two levels of protection: alerting you...

Bottle Tag (8.2MHz, Black) Pack of 100

Security Tags wholesale offers a Checkpoint compatible Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) bottle tag in the RF 8.2MHz frequency which is very versatile and works with almost all bottles to prevent shoplifting. It utilizes a strong metal cable which allows it to be customisable for virtually any bottle thickness, including very large bottles. It is easily removed with one hand at the point...