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  • Pencil Mini Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, Black) - Pack of 500
  • Black Mini Pencil shaped Electronic article surveillance (EAS) anti-theft tags used by retailers to prevent shoplifting and provide security of merchandise in their stores
  • Pencil Mini Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, Black) - Pack of 500
  • Pencil Mini Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, Black) - Pack of 500
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Pencil Mini Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, Black) - Pack of 500

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Mini Pencil Security Tags are a cost-effective way for retailers to protect, monitor and secure merchandise. They are suited for clothing items such as shirts, pants, jackets, and shoes. They can also be used with a lanyard instead of a pin to protect items with a hole to loop into. This can include screwdrivers, power tools, and handbags, or can protect apparel items without poking a hole by looping the lanyard through a buttonhole or a belt loop. These tags will cause your Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system to beep and alarm if the unpaid merchandise (and the pencil tag) have passed through the gate. They are nearly impossible to remove without a detacher and are resistant to tampering.

Mini Pencil Tags can decrease shoplifting in your store. They are one of the best loss prevention tools because they prevent shrinkage by acting as both a visual deterrent to theft, a physical obstacle for shoplifters to remove and likely draw attention to themselves, and work with your EAS gates to notify you of any theft.


Key Features:

  • Sleek and minimalist design with a black body
  • Wireless: the alarming mechanism is inside the tag.
  • Checkpoint compatible at a frequency of RF 8.2MHz.
  • Easy to attach to clothing with a flathead pin or attached to a lanyard.
  • Quick and easy removal at checkout with a Universal Superlock Detacher
  • Reusable: These pencil mini tags do not contain any batteries and can be reused over and over again.



  • Aesthetically pleasing: Clothing, other apparel, and anything that you can loop a lanyard around and into the Pencil Mini Security Tag can be protected without changing or damaging the product’s visual appearance. The sleek, black body and minimalist design make the tag look stylish and versatile to many different retail aesthetics.


  • Greatly reduce shoplifting: It is close to impossible to remove Pencil Mini Tags without a very powerful magnet, such as the Universal Superlock Detacher. Most casual shoplifters would avoid interfering with this security tag to avoid being caught.


  • Wireless: Mini Pencil Tags are completely wireless. The EAS technology is inside the tag. This means there are no wires for shoplifters to cut or become tangled in your product. Since there is no battery, the Pencil Mini Tag has an endless loss prevention life in your store if it is undamaged.


  • Quick to secure: The tag is incredibly simple to attach to your products.
    • With a pin: Simply choose where you would like the tag to go on your garment. Poke the pin through the item and then insert the tag on top in its hole. You should feel a click and the tag is in place.
    • With a lanyard: Put the lanyard through a hole or loop and wrap it around the lanyard’s little hole. Once this is done, attach the pencil tag to the end of the lanyard’s pin. You should feel a click once more and the tag is in place.

  • Quick removal at checkout: Pencil Mini Tags are also very easy to remove. Simply connect the side of the tag opposite to where you inserted the lanyard or pin to a detacher. The magnet should loosen and release the tag and you will be able to pull it out easily.


  • Reusable: Pencil Mini Clothing Security Tags are an affordable solution to the theft of apparel and many other items. With their nearly endless shelf life, Pencil Mini Tags can be used repeatedly if they remain intact and unharmed.


Mini Pencil Tags come in packs of 500 with pins!

All Pencil Mini Tags come with 16mm grooved pins.  Grooved pins have a better locking capability than smooth pins. Smooth pins are ideal for lingerie or swimwear store as the materials are thin and grooved pins are more likely to damage the apparel (unless a lanyard is used).

A variety of other kinds of pins and lanyards can be found here.