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False Alarm Checklist

We created this list to help our customers troubleshoot one the most common problems that all EAS systems have. 

If you are finding that your security antennas are not working to your satisfaction, or are causing false alarms, please check the following points before making an appointment for repairs. The following list will surely help save many hours of technicians labour, in other words, you will be Saving Money

• Are there tags within 4 feet of the antennas?

• Are there any new metal displays nearby?

• Is there anything nearby that may be carrying a tag? For example: tagged window displays.

• Are there any tags near the power supply box?

• Are there any big metal objects nearby? For example: strollers, umbrella holders, wastebaskets, etc.

• Has a vertical (running floor to ceiling) power line been installed nearby? For example: extension cord or Christmas lights. Vertical AC power lines cause strong interference and will almost 100% of the time cause noise in the antennas and excessive false alarming.

• Are there LED lights within 8 feet of the antenna? Some LED lights emit a frequency the same as tags.

• Are there aluminum doors close by and have they been recently damaged? If so, loose metal contact may be acting as a tag and setting off the system when the doors move or vibrate.

• Do the doors have electric motors?

• Are the door handles secured tightly?

• Has the store next to you recently installed a new Electronic Article Surveillance system within 25 feet of your system?

• For mall locations, are the sliding, metal security curtains pushed fully back into the wall? Securing them tightly with a bungee cord will help prevent false alarms.

• Are there any displays being held by aircraft cable (steel rope) making contact with metal?

• Are the antennas securely bolted to the floor?

• Is there any damage to the electrical connections leading to the antenna?

If you have checked all of the above and still cannot find the origin of the problem, please call us at 604-345-4500 or email: info@securitytagswholesale.com.
Our super friendly technical team would be happy to assist.