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Detacher & Deactivator

Security Tags Wholesale offers a focused selection of Detachers and Deactivators for EAS tags and labels. The Detacher products are differentiated based on performance and price. Some EAS tags require stronger Detachers as denoted by magnet strength (which unlocks the locking mechanism with the tag). Please ensure the Detacher you are purchasing meets the requirements for your particular type of anti-theft security tag. All products are tested and warrantied from defects.

Some detachers only work with certain types of products. For example, the Sensormatic Hard tag detacher is only for Sensormatic tags. So please choose appropriately or better yet, contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the process. Similarly, Security Tags Wholesale sells Label deactivation pads for a variety of frequencies. We list the most popular deactivators on the site however if you don’t see your frequency please contact us and we will be happy to deliver your specific product.

Super Designer Detacher (12000GS)

The Super Designer Detacher has is one of the strongest EAS tag detachers in its class while at the same time retaining a sleek, polished look to blend in with your checkout environment. The magnet rating of this Detacher is 12000GS. The Super Designer Detacher will remove almost all RF tags including the Designer Tamper Resistant Tags.

Handheld Detacher, works with Sensormatic

Clothing Hand-Held Detacher is a manual unit designed to open AM58khz super tags, Tough moulded plastic makes the unit both durable and lightweight while an ambidextrous design accommodates both right-handed and left-handed users. The detacher provides a channel in the base of the handle that can be used to straighten bent tacks on hard tags. This AM magnetic alarm clothes detacher...

RF Label Deactivator Checkpoint Compatible

Checkpoint Compatible Label Deactivation, Tempered Glass Label Deactivation pad for deactivating RF labels used in the prevention of shoplifting. Typically installed on the countertop so items can easily be passed over the top of the pad as they are being scanned or bagged at the checkout.Can easily be integrated with the supermarket weighing scales and scanners if they have an option...

Optical Hand Eyeglass Tag Detacher

The Eyeglass tag Detacher is used for removing the STW Eyeglass Tag. It's a specialized Detacher for use with the White Eyeglass Tag (RF 8.2MHz) model SKU: 2194.6.