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  • RedEye Ink Tag Clothing Security (non-alarming) Pack of 500
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RedEye Ink Tag Clothing Security (non-alarming) Pack of 500

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Ink Pins act as a strong visual deterrent and can prevent shoplifting on their own or paired with an alarming loss prevention tag.

Smalllightweight and dependable, the reusable, non-alarming RedEye Ink Pin features visible ink vials and a large "warning message".

On its own, the pin relies exclusively on its visual deterrent capability to prevent shoplifting and will not set off an alarm at any Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) or anti-theft antenna. However, it can be combined with any alarming tag that has a pin lock mechanism in order to be picked up by EAS loss prevention gates and alarm at the door.

RedEye Ink Pins are used with the Super Designer Detacher.


Key Features:

  • Ink Release Mechanism
  • Bright Red Ink Capsule
  • Can be combined with alarming tags to alert EAS gates if unpaid tagged merchandise passes through
  • Simple to Attach
  • Quick to Remove at checkout
  • Reusable if intact
  • Includes 500 Clutches (although EAS alarm tags can be used instead)



  • Prevents the Reselling of Stolen Apparel:  RedEye Ink security pins have a mechanism that releases ink when the pin is forcefully removed or tampered with, making the product unusable and unappealing to shoplifters. They can only be removed by a detacher. 
  • Denies Shoplifters Any Benefit From Shoplifting: When forcefully removed or tampered with, a glass vial full of permanent red ink will spill over the product, destroying it. 
  • Versatile: The pin can be paired with any security tag that uses a pin lock mechanism. Some of these include mini rectangular tagspencil mini tags, as well as other tags that take a pin! If the ink pin is combined with a tag with EAS alarming capabilities, the ink pin can be even more effective at preventing and detecting shoplifting
  • Simple to Attach: Whether you are using a universal clutch or an alarming tag, the ink pin is incredibly easy to assemble. Simply insert it into the hole on your tag or clutch until you feel a click. When the pin lock mechanism is in place, your garment is secured. Lightly tug on the pin to make sure, if it doesn't budge you are good to go!
  • Quick removal: The ink pin can be removed very quickly with a Super Designer Detacher. All your cashier has to do is place the pin on the detacher (pin-side facing down) and carefully slide the pin out of the hole in the tag or clutch. Do not try to pry the pin off as it may break and destroy your garment or cause injury.
  • Reusable: RedEye Ink pins are fully functional and reusable until they have broken. If you take good care of these pins they can last forever! We suggest you put them in a box after removal and apply them to new merchandise as they come in.

Suggested Applications:

RedEye Ink pins work best with clothing garments as well as any other cloth items. In order to do their best work, the RedEye ink pin must be secured to an item that could be ruined by the ink inside. Some of these include:

  • Clothing: shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, purses, lingerie, and swimwear.
  • Accessories: purses, hats, swimsuit cover-ups, scarves, and knitwear.
  • Footwear: shoes and boots.
  • Linen and bedding: throw blankets, sheet sets, and bedspreads.


What does "Benefit Denial" mean in loss prevention?

As this pin denies shoplifters any benefit to shoplifting an item, it uses the "Benefit Denial" loss prevention strategy. If the shoplifter is aware that removing a shoplifted item's ink pin would make the item useless, they may be significantly deterred from taking it to avoid the hassle. 

Since RedEye ink pins destroy fabric with their permanent ink, removing all value, the stolen goods would no longer be profitable to shoplifters.