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  • Designer Tamper Resistant Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security tag for the prevention of shoplifting by retailersDesigner Tamper Resistant Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) RF 8.2MHz Clear Ink security tag for the prevention of shoplifting by retailers
  • Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, 2.16
  • Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, 2.16
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Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Clothing Security Tag (RF 8.2MHz, 2.16") Pack of 500

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Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Security Tag is a combination tag designed to offer standard anti-theft alarm activating ability paired with the strong visual deterrent of liquid ink packs to prevent shoplifting. This tag is Checkpoint compatible and is made for  8.2MHz systems, is 2.16" (55mm) in diameter and combines all of the great features of the Designer Tamper Resistant regular tag but also includes triple ink packs as an extra measure of protection. The clear design means the ink packs stand out visually providing a strong deterrent on top of the already great features of this product.

This Clothing Security tag is also sometimes referred to as a "Golf Shaped tag" or "Clam Shell tag" due to its unique design. It combines great detection capability with a visually appealing design. It looks elegant and modern while at the same time being one of the hardest tags for shoplifters to try to defeat. The clamshell-type design means there is no opening to try to cut the tag off or to even pry open, while the ink packs prevent any attempt to smash the tag and still be able to use (or sell) the product.  

Requires Super Designer Detacher for removal.


Key Features:

  • Ink Release Mechanism
  • Three ink colours: there are red, yellow, and blue ink 
  • Warning sign cautioning customers 
  • Checkpoint compatible - works at the RF 8.2 MHz frequency
  • Tamper-proof
  • Easy to attach
  • Quick removal at checkout
  • Reusable



  • Prevents Reselling of Stolen Apparel:  Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Clothing Security Tags have a mechanism that releases ink when the pin is removed, smashed, or otherwise tampered with, making the product both useless and unappealing to shoplifters.
  • Denies Shoplifters Any Benefit: When tampered with or forcefully removed, a glass vial full of either blue or red ink will spill over the garment, destroying it. The red and blue ink means that this tag can defend any item, regardless of its original colour. 
  • Versatile: This tag works with any EAS system that uses the RF 8.2 MHz frequency. This includes Checkpoint systems. This makes these tags incredibly easy to integrate into your store's existing loss-prevention strategy.
  • Simple to Attach: The clamshell shape of this tag makes it easy to assemble. Simply place the pin side through the garment and then apply the ink capsule side on top. You should feel a click. Just like that, it should be secured!
  • Quick removal: The Designer Tamper Resistant tag can be removed in seconds with a Super Designer Detacher. Simply place the pin on the detacher (pin-side facing down) and slide the pin out securely. Do not try to pry the tag open as it may break and destroy your garment or cause injury.
  • Reusable: These Designer Tamper Resistant Security Tags are fully functional and reusable until they have broken. The tags can last forever if you take good care of them. We suggest you put them in a safe place after removing them at checkout and apply them to new merchandise as they come in.

Suggested Applications:

Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Clothing Tags work best with designer garments and other expensive cloth items. Some of these include:

  • Clothing: designer shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, purses, lingerie, and swimwear.
  • Accessories: expensive purses, hats, swimsuit cover-ups, scarves, and knitwear.
  • Footwear: high-end shoes and boots.
  • Linen and bedding: throw blankets, sheet sets, and bedspreads.


What is Benefit Denial?

This security tag denies shoplifters any benefit to shoplifting an item. This is called the "Benefit Denial" strategy. If the shoplifter knows that stealing an item and removing its tag without the right technology would ruin the item, they may be significantly deterred from taking it.

Since these tamper-resistant tags destroy fabric with their permanent ink all value is removed and they would no longer be able to be resold by shoplifters or even worn.