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  • Large Designer Tamper Resistant Clothing Security Tag (AM 58KHz, 2.16
  • Large Designer Tamper Resistant Clothing Security Tag (AM 58KHz, 2.16
  • Large Designer Tamper Resistant Clothing Security Tag (AM 58KHz, 2.16
  • Large Designer Tamper Resistant Clothing Security Tag (AM 58KHz, 2.16
  • Large Designer Tamper Resistant Clothing Security Tag (AM 58KHz, 2.16
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Large Designer Tamper Resistant Clothing Security Tag (AM 58KHz, 2.16") Pack of 500

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One of our top-selling products for preventing shoplifting is the Large Designer Tamper Resistant AM Security Tag, which is compatible with Sensormatic systems and designed for 58KHz AM systems. The tag, also known as the "Golf tag" or "Clam Shell tag" for its unique design, measures 2.16” (55mm) in diameter. It comes in black and has a visually appealing design that combines elegance and sophistication with loss prevention. Despite its appealing appearance, it is one of the hardest tags for shoplifters to remove due to its clamshell design, which eliminates any openings for cutting or prying. We strongly recommend using this tag for all types of soft merchandise, including clothing, blankets, throws, and curtains.

Requires Super Designer Detacher for removal.



  • The tag has a sleek and stylish black exterior
  • Its clamshell design is tamper-proof and impenetrable
  • Large size of 2.16” (55mm)
  • It is Sensormatic compatible at an AM frequency of 58KHz
  • It is very easy to attach
  • Removal of the tag is simple and safe at checkout
  • The tag is reusable
  • A pack of 500 tags is available


  • Sophisticated: Constructed with top-notch materials, these security tags are sturdy, dependable, and user-friendly. Their black color gives them a chic and trendy appearance, allowing them to blend in with merchandise inconspicuously, and allowing potential buyers to try on garments without any disruptions


  • Tamper-proof: These security tags are crafted with exceptional precision and high-quality materials, making them robust, trustworthy, and user-friendly. Their sleek black color gives them an elegant and stylish look, enabling them to seamlessly blend in with the merchandise, allowing customers to try on clothing without any interruptions or distractions.


  • Larger size, even better detection range: These loss prevention tools were formerly known as Midi Designer Tamper Resistant Security Tags, and they measure 2.16 inches or 55mm in size. With their larger size comes an improved detection range compared to smaller security tags. This means they have a higher chance of being detected at the EAS gate. This tag is excellently suited for all sizes of garments, fabrics, and other soft products.


  • Versatile: These security tags are suitable for various types of soft merchandise, such as clothing, accessories, fabric items, and more. Their sophisticated and contemporary design allows them to seamlessly integrate into any retail setting, elevating the overall ambiance of your store.


  • Well Co-ordinated: These loss prevention tags for clothing and soft materials operate at AM 58KHz frequency, which is one of the most widely used Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) System frequencies. This is the same frequency as “Sensormatic” Systems. As a result, these tags can easily integrate with your store's current loss prevention plan, streamlining the process.


  • Quick Application: The Large Designer Tamper Resistant AM Security Tags we offer are user-friendly and effortless to attach and remove, making them a practical solution for hectic retail settings. By using a Super Designer Detacher, these tags can be swiftly attached and detached, enabling your sales staff to serve customers efficiently without sacrificing security measures.


  • Straightforward and secure removal process: Removing the tag is both safe and simple at checkout. You just need to place the tag over the detacher with the sharp pin side facing downward, then slide out the pin. For easy reattachment later, place the tag tops in one area and the pin side in another.


  • Sustainable: The Large Designer Tamper Resistant AM Security Tags are reusable and can be used repeatedly as long as they remain undamaged. However, it is recommended to verify that each tag is operational before placing them on the sales floor.

Please note due to supply chain issues, a Small Designer Tamper Resistant AM Security Tag may be substituted for Large Designer Tamper Resistant AM Security Tags.


Please contact info@securitytagswholesale.com for additional questions.