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  • 30mm square Security Label used by retailers to protect merchandise from shoplifting and theft. Plain white on one side and other side has circuit to generate 8.2MHz RF signal for EAS equipment
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1.2" x 1.2" Plain White Square Labels (1000/roll, RF 8.2MHz)

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  • Product Type: 8.2MHz EAS Label
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Square barcode labels are a great solution to combatting and preventing shoplifting in retail stores. They are an affordable alternative to security tags with 1000 labels in every roll.

Apply the loss prevention label during the inventory process or as soon as you put the product out on the sales floor. These labels are easy to deactivate at checkout with a label deactivator. If the label has not been deactivated, and someone is attempting to take items from your store without paying, the RF technology within the label will alert your Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) gates to sound an alarm as the label passes by

Key Features:

  • RF 8.2 MHz frequency (Checkpoint compatible)
  • Small-sized plain white label: These security labels are 1.2" by 1.2" (30mm) in size. 
  • Lies flat onto where it is applied. These security labels are less than 0.1" thick
  • Easy to deactivate at cashier checkout with an RF label deactivator pad
  • Comes in a roll of 1000 labels



  • Versatile: These small (1.2") square barcode labels are versatile and can be integrated into your existing RF EAS system at the 8.2 MHz frequency. As this is the most common kind of RF frequency on the market which makes these labels easy to introduce into your store's existing loss prevention system.


  • Convenient Size: These labels are the perfect size to blend into your product.  When applied to the product, it does not overpower the item by taking up too much space. It can also act as a visual deterrent if applied noticeably in shoplifters' line of sight. We also offer these labels in a larger size (1.574").


  • Simple Application: These plain square labels lie flat on products, just like any other sticker or label. The adhesive is strong and ensures that the labels will stay put and are nearly impossible for shoplifters to peel off. They camouflage and blend into your product with ease.


  • Easy Deactivation: Incredibly easy to deactivate. Deactivating your security labels can be done in seconds by waving it over top of the label deactivator at checkout. The label will be deactivated nearly instantly and therefore won't set off the alarm as it passes through your EAS gates.


  • Budget-Friendly:  These plain square labels are an affordable way to safeguard your store. With 1000 labels per roll, security labels can defend a large portion of your products that are difficult to apply security tags to. Security labels come at a lower cost than other loss prevention solutions.


Suggested uses of plain white square labels:

These square barcode security labels are most commonly applied to boxed items, smooth and flat products, and other lower-cost items. These include:

  • Boxed medication, vitamins, supplements and other pharmaceuticals
  • Grocery products: cereal, baby formula, cookies, and other non-perishable items
  • Books, magazines, DVDs, video games, consoles and CDs
  • Cosmetics, fragrance products, skincare products, and other beauty items
  • Bottles, such as wine or other liquor bottles
  • Cases of alcohol: beer, cider, or boxed wine
  • Hardware 

    Note: The larger the security label (or security tag), the better the detection range. A larger surface area means that there is a better likelihood of your EAS gates picking up the signal being emitted from the security label. 

    Please note: If these labels are out of stock, we will substitute a round label of the same size.