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1.5" Round Barcode Labels (1000/roll, RF 8.2MHz)

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Round barcode labels are a simple and effective tool to protect your merchandise from theft at a lower cost than security tags

Simply stick the barcode label onto your product during your inventorying process or as soon as your product goes out on the salesfloor. You do not need to remove these labels at checkout, they are very easy to deactivate by using a label deactivator. If the label is not deactivated, and someone is attempting to steal products from your store, it will alert your Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) gates as it passes by. The barcode design on the label allows for an inconspicuous look.

Key Features:

  • Works with the RF 8.2 MHz frequency (Checkpoint compatible)
  • Large-sized round label: These security labels are 1.5" (40mm) in diameter 
  • Decoy barcode design. Each label is fitted with a dummy barcode design.
  • Lies flat on the product. These security labels are less than 0.1" thick
  • Easy to deactivate at cashier checkout with an RF label deactivator pad
  • Comes in a roll of 1000 labels



  • Versatile: These large-sized (1.5") round barcode labels are versatile and will work effectively with your current RF EAS system at the 8.2 MHz frequency. This is the most common kind of RF frequency on the market and makes these labels seamless and easy to introduce into your store's existing loss prevention system
  • Perfect Size: The bigger the label, the better the detection range. Since these barcode labels are large, they are more likely to be detected if they pass through an EAS gate before being deactivated. They can also fit well on top of your product without overshadowing the product. These barcode labels can also act as a visual deterrent to shoplifters who notice them and as an effective way for your staff to be alerted to shoplifting. We also offer these labels in a smaller size (1.2").
  • Clever Design: The dummy barcode design allows the security label to blend into your product. This ensures that the label appears to be a part of your product's original design
  • Effortless Application: These round barcode labels lie flat on products, just like any other sticker or label. They do not catch onto anything else and are difficult for shoplifters to peel off. They camouflage and blend into your product with ease. All you have to do is stick them on and you are done!
  • Easy Deactivation: Incredibly easy to deactivate. Deactivating your security labels can be done in seconds by waving your security-labeled product over the deactivator at checkout. The label will be deactivated nearly instantly and will not set off an alarm as it passes through your EAS gates.
  • Great Value: These round barcode labels are an affordable and cost-effective way to add security labels to your store. With 1000 labels per roll, security labels can defend a large amount of your merchandise at a lower cost than other loss prevention solutions.


Common applications of round barcode labels:

These security labels are most commonly applied to larger boxed products, smooth and flat items, and other lower-cost items. These include:

  • Boxes of medication and other pharmaceuticals
  • Grocery products: cereal, baby formula, cookies, and other non-perishable goods
  • Books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs
  • Cosmetics, perfume, and skincare products
  • Hardware