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0.75" x 2.5" Transparent Labels (1000/roll, RF 8.2MHz)

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  • Product Type: 8.2MHz EAS Label
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Transparent security labels are an effective way to protect your merchandise from theft at a lower price point than security tags.
Simply apply the transparent or clear label to your product. This can be done during your inventorying process or when it is on the sales floor. There is no need to remove these labels at checkout, they can be easily deactivated with a label deactivator. If someone attempts to steal products from your store, the activated transparent security label it will alert your Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) gates as it passes. The clear look of the security label allows it to mesh well with your products’ designs.

If the transparent labels are out of stock, we will replace them with the same size white labels. Exact same size label.



  • Works at the RF 8.2 MHz frequency (Checkpoint compatible)
  • Long, rectangular shape: These security labels are 2.5" (65mm) in length and 0.75” (19mm) in width.
  • Clear, transparent design with silver bordering.
  • Sits flat onto products. These security labels are less than 0.1" thick.
  • Easy to deactivate at cashier checkout with an RF label deactivator pad. (no removal necessary)
  • Incredibly adhesive and difficult to peel off.
  • Comes in a roll of 1000 labels.


  • Versatile: The transparent labels are adaptable and compatible with your present RF EAS system operating at 8.2MHz frequency, which happens to be the most widely used frequency in the market. This makes these labels effortless to integrate into your store's existing anti-theft system without any hassle. These labels can be used with any RF 8.2MHz system, including Checkpoint security systems.


  • Convenient Size: These labels fit perfectly over small boxed items such as cosmetics and stationery. Furthermore, they can be affixed to your product without covering it or obscuring it entirely.


  • Sleek, clear look: The transparent label has silver metallic underlay framing the label. The transparent portion of the label is a thin, plastic film. This ensures that the label can be applied to products without blocking any of the products’ appearances and descriptions.


  • Effortless Application: Transparent labels lie flat on products, just like any other sticker or label. They do not catch onto anything else and are difficult for shoplifters to peel off. They can camouflage and blend into your product with ease. All you need to do is stick the transparent label where you would like it!


  • Easy Deactivation: Incredibly simple deactivation. Deactivating your security labels can be done in seconds by waving your security-labeled product over the deactivator at checkout. The label will be deactivated nearly instantly and will not set off an alarm as it passes through your EAS gates.


  • Great Value: These transparent labels are an affordable and cost-effective way to add security labels to your store. With 1000 labels per roll, these security labels can defend a lot of your merchandise for less than other loss prevention solutions.


Common applications of transparent labels:

These security labels are most commonly applied to smaller, lower-risk boxed items, smooth and flat items, and other lower-cost items. These include:

  • Small cosmetic boxes such as mascara, eyeliner, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow palettes, face masks, skincare, travel-size fragrances, and so on.
  • Small grocery items: limited edition items such as imported candies and chocolates, boxes of chocolate, smaller household items, and any other item that can fit the label overtop.
  • Books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs