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Upgrading your Security Tags

In the ever-changing minds of thieves and shoplifters, stores sticking with the same EAS and loss prevention products is the best case possible. When a google search of “how to remove security tags off clothing”, even the most secure of tags, such as ink tags – where the item is damaged if the tag is improperly removed can be removed with a little bit of motivation. What worked ten to twenty years ago for security tags may not be as effective in the 2020’s.  

Stronger magnets 

Run-of-the-mill magnet strength for security tags may have been enough to deter thieves, but in the modern era, this is not always the case. A stronger magnet is less common for thieves to come by, and security tags with higher magnetic strength prove much more difficult to remove.  

Tag shape 

Security tags come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some security tag shapes are more difficult to remove than others. For example, it is much more difficult to pry open a Golf Tag, also known as a Clamshell Tag, than other shapes.  

Shell tags with ink inside the tags have the benefit of AM or RF frequency, and benefit denial of indelible ink.  

Specific Tags 

Product specific tags are a great way to update your security tag and loss prevention strategy. Liquor bottle locks, eyeglass tags, and spider wraps are great ways to utilize customized, and product-specific EAS products.  

These types of tags are an excellent addition to specialty stores, and general merchandise alike.  


To learn more about which security tags are a good fit to upgrade at your retail store, INEO’s expert online support staff are able to assist you with the decision. Please reach out to Amit Pannu, at APannu@ineosolutionsinc.com. 

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