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Anti Shoplifting Campaign

Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS for short is a cost effective anti-shoplifting system that permits staff to focus on customers and not worry about theft. Often called shrinkage in the retail industry, preventing shoplifting can be one of the biggest drivers for increasing profits by a retailer.

EAS systems work by attaching an electronic device, called a “tag” or “label”, to the displayed merchandise. If merchandise bearing the electronic device passes by an antenna installed at the store entrance/exit, an alarm sounds alerting your staff that unpaid merchandise is leaving the store.

EAS systems work well as a visual deterrent to the casual shoplifter, letting them know they will be caught if they try to steal an item. For the more hardened criminal, the systems will notify the store staff when something is being stolen. Typically these systems will reduce a stores shrink by at least 50%, adding a strong lift to the bottom line.

For paying customers, when the customer brings his or her selection to the cash counter to pay for the item to be purchased, the sales clerk removes the tag from the item or deactivates the label on the item so that the alarm will not sound when the customer leaves the store with the purchased merchandise.

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