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Boost Your Loss Prevention Efforts: Top 9 Items That Require Security Tags

In the past year, 46% of small retail businesses have had to increase prices as a result of shoplifting. With theft on the rise, business owners must take a stand against shoplifting and create stronger loss prevention plans for their stores. One of the most common and effective ways to deter theft is by using security tags on products.

In an ideal world, retailers would be able to tag every single one of their products with security tags and labels. However, this is impractical for most as it consumes too much time and money. So, what items should retailers put the most focus on? While a lot of this varies from store to store, there are some common trends with the items that are the most likely to be stolen and that should be guarded by security tags and labels first.

Here are some of the essential items that stores should consider tagging.

High-End Jewelry:

Jewelry is one of the most expensive and high-valued items in any store. It is also one of the smallest and easiest to steal. High-end jewelry is often targeted by organized retail crime groups, who steal the items and resell them on the black market. Retailers should use security tags when possible on all types of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Since these items are so small and customers may want to try them on before purchasing, it is a good idea to lock them in a display cabinet and take them out upon request. Otherwise, any tag with a lanyard can loop around a ring, bracelet, or necklace to secure it.


Designer Handbags:

Designer handbags can be resold for quite a hefty profit and are one of the prime targets for shoplifters. It is best to use security tags that are specifically designed for handbags, which attach to the straps or handles of the bag.

The best tags to defend these kinds of bags would be Self-Alarming Tags such as Screamer or Spider Tags, because they alarm when a shoplifter tampers with the product as well as when it passes through the security gate. As these are more expensive tags, their detectability is greater and the odds are better that they will effectively protect your items.

Screamer Tags are best suited for handbag handles and anywhere else that has a secure loop that allows for the Screamer Tag to wrap itself around. Spider Tags are another great choice for protecting handbags and purses when they are stored in boxes. Both of these security tags are very easy to remove at checkout and do not interfere with sales associates from allowing paying customers to try out the products.



Electronic items such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are popular items to be picked up by shoplifters, they are often decently expensive, small, and easy to resell. These should be displayed in high-visibility areas in the store and tagged as much as possible

Spider Tags are optimized for expensive boxed items. These security tags can protect boxes holding televisions, headphones, cellphones, and any other higher-cost tech items that would make a big dent in profits.

Security labels work well for boxes of smaller items that cost less such as earbuds, SD cards, charging cables, and power adaptors. Barcode Labels can look inconspicuous and blend into a product's appearance, while Plain Labels can be written on, have other labels laid over top, or discretely slipped into a product's packaging


Fragile Items:

Fragile items such as glassware, ceramics, and antiques can be easily damaged when shoplifted. Even if the thief does not succeed in removing and reselling the item, your store still has to take on the cost of that damage. Retailers should use security tags on these items to visually deter shoplifters from taking them.

You can place these fragile products in locked cabinets, but this can sometimes deter paying customers from properly assessing items. Spider Tags are ideal for protecting delicate and costly items such as boxes of plates, bowls, fine china, candles, and other containers of fragile materials made of glass or porcelain. Security labels can be discreetly inserted into packaging and applied to any smooth and flat surface as well.


Seasonal Items:

Seasonal items such as holiday decorations, costumes, and party supplies are often targeted by thieves. Retailers should use security tags on as many seasonal items as possible, especially during peak shopping seasons when stores become overcrowded.

The type of security tags or labels that should be used to protect seasonal items varies depending on the holiday and the item being safeguarded. For instance, Spider Tags can secure boxes of Christmas trees, Pencil Tags can be used to protect fabric items like stockings, Screamer Tags can be applied to woven Easter baskets, and clothing security tags such as Pencil Tags, Mini Rectangular Tags, and Ink Tags can be added to Halloween costumes to defend them against shoplifting.



Clothing items such as high-end designer pieces, suits, brand name items, and outerwear are always in high-demand and can be seen as easy targets for shoplifters if not properly protected.

Screamer Tags can be inserted through button holes on more expensive items to avoid damaging them with pins and most tags can be combined with lanyards of various sizes for a similar effect.

Pencil Tags and Mini Rectangular Tags are popular choices for fabric garments and can be used with many different kinds of pins and clutches on many different kinds of materials.

Non-alarming Ink pins can also be used on their own or in tangent with an EAS tag (like Pencil Tags or Mini Rectangular Tags) in order to have both the alarming qualities of the EAS and the benefit denial approach of the ink tag. Some retailers have found success in clearly displaying ink tags on their garments. This discourages shoplifters as it removes any benefit of stealing that item.

Designer Tamper Resistant Tags (of various sizes) are a great choice for in-demand and expensive items as they have a larger detection range than a lot of other tags and are nearly impossible to pry off without the proper equipment due to their clamshell design.



Cosmetics such as perfumes, makeup, and skincare products are often small, easy to conceal, and highly valued. Retailers should use security tags on as many cosmetic items as they can, especially those that are expensive or in high demand.

Smaller security labels can be used to secure these items effectively. Plain White Labels provide a cleaner and less cluttered appearance, and retailers can put their own labels or price tags over them. Barcode Labels can also lend more credibility, and shoplifters may not attempt to remove them.

It is advisable to keep these small and easily concealable items in a prominent, highly staffed location on the sales floor for better visibility.


Limited Edition Items:

Limited edition items such as collectibles, sneakers, and exclusive merchandise are highly sought after by collectors and gain value over time. This makes them yet another prime target for theft that should be properly tagged and secured.

Since these items are less frequently restocked and are distributed in smaller quantities, it is crucial to secure them effectively. Self-Alarming Tags are always the best option for your most valuable items as they are the most difficult for shoplifters to remove. If your store experiences high levels of theft, it may be wise to keep these items in a display case as an extra precaution.



Liquor products are often targeted by shoplifters who steal them to consume themselves or for reselling. Alcohol is always very valuable to people, whether they are underage or are wanting a discount. Taking this into account, it is crucial you properly arm the most expensive and frequently stolen liquor products with security tags.

Bottle Cap Locks are incredibly secure and impossible to remove without the proper equipment. Cable Bottle Tags are very secure at a lower price point! Slimline Bottle Tags are thinner and even easier to remove at checkout as they can be removed with only one hand!



In addition to these specific items, retailers should additionally tag the items that are frequently stolen in their particular store or geographic area. This information can be obtained through careful analysis of sales data, employee accounts, and security footage.

Knowing which security tags or labels to use is important but it is equally important to identify which items require tagging. A useful guideline is that the size of the security tag or label corresponds with the detection range, increasing the possibility of catching unpaid items as they pass through the EAS gates. In general, bigger and more expensive items require larger tags, whereas self-alarming tags such as Screamer Tags or Spider Tags offer superior protection for higher-value products.

In conclusion, retailers should use security tags on high-end jewelry, designer handbags, electronicsfragile items, seasonal items, clothing, cosmetics, limited edition items, and any items that are frequently stolen. By implementing a comprehensive loss prevention strategy that includes security tags and other measures, retailers can reduce the risk of theft and protect their bottom line.




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