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The EAS Ecosystem

Have you ever wondered what security cameras, EAS tags, and legacy EAS systems have in common? Surprisingly, a lot more than one may think. Having a strong EAS strategy including the use of EAS tags, security cameras and EAS antennas are essential for decreasing retail shrinkage and lowering the rate of theft in your retail store. While only a handful of stores truly take advantage of EAS to their fullest extent, many of the antenna, tag and camera systems become outdated, or cease being as effective as they once were, due to high use of the products.  

Many of the once highly effective, and popular EAS systems have become old and dated. Like all things, at some point, the antennas and tags need replacement. Since antennas, and tags effectives drop off after about 5-7 years due to regular wear and tear of the magnets in the tags, replacing the systems currently in place may pass across the business owner’s mind. Since purchasing new systems, including antennas, tags, and security cameras can be price inhibitive, some store owners may not want to jump on buying a new system every half-decade or so. Some of the retailers of EAS products offer a buy-back program, exchanging the older systems for newer, more aesthetically pleasing ones, such as the INEO Clarity. The amount of design changes which have occurred in the past 7 years makes the legacy EAS systems look brutish by comparison. With G.A.T. E’s which have custom wrapped branding, to enhance the brand messaging in-store, or clear acrylic door gates to add to the modern and sleek look of your retail space, it is more than ever prudent to replace your systems.  

To replace or to not replace?  

Replacing legacy systems, or purchasing new systems is always the question. Replacing the systems is expensive and can take weeks or months to be installed after ordering. However, INEO Solutions Inc. Cautions those who do not replace their cameras, systems, and tags after 5-7 years due to the natural deterioration of the tags. While it is more investment upfront, a few thousand dollars, INEO has pre-made starter packages with door gates, tags and detachers, all in one convenient package. This investment can come back to your store, in the form of less merchandise shrinkage.  

In certain studies, measuring the performance of EAS systems by comparison of stores with little to no EAS, stores with EAS experienced much less shrinkage, and reduced the inventory shortage a store may experience.  

How do EAS antennas, security tags, and security cameras work together?  

Some store owners may be intrigued as to what the value of EAS antennas, security tags, and security cameras have when used in tandem of one another. While the relationship between EAS antennas, and security tags and labels seem like a natural conclusion people will make, the question now is why I should have an EAS system if I have a security camera network in place, or why should I have a network of security cameras if I have an EAS system in place? While there is value in using both systems separately, there is added value to retail stores utilizing both types of systems, when possible.  

Certain retailers of EAS systems have video cameras as an add on to their security system product offerings, however when looking to choose one or the other, EAS systems may be the easier choice on the buyer’s wallet. All-in-one EAS security systems, and security camera solutions are available on the market, in the form of the INEO Welcoming Pedestal and G.A.T.E. The INEO Welcoming Pedestal has EAS capabilities, with an option to include an AM or RF frequency board, security camera built into the display, to measure ad impressions on proprietary technology, and monitor alarm events. Used in tandem with the INEO Global Anti Theft Environment (G.A.T.E), the duo makes a powerful pair in comparison to just one of the systems on their own.