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Selecting the Appropriate Security Tag

Several important considerations, such as the kind of goods you sell, their worth, and the current electronic article surveillance (EAS) system you have in place, must be taken into consideration when choosing the best security tag or label to safeguard your items.

Our tags at https://securitytagswholesale.com are suitable for a broad range of products, from apparel and fashion accessories to liquor and eyeglasses, and they are compatible with both radio frequency and acousto magnetic EAS systems.

We'll walk you through the criteria to take into account in this guide when selecting the ideal tag for your shop.

Your current setup

Which EAS tags and labels are needed to secure your goods depends on the sort of electronic article surveillance system you have.

The two main types of EAS systems are acousto magnetic (AM) and radio frequency (RF), with the difference between the two systems being the operating frequency.

Only tags compatible with AM systems, like Sensormatic, will function with them, whereas tags compatible with RF antenna, like Checkpoint, will function.

Product categories

Which tag or label would best meet your security demands depends on the kind of goods you sell as well as the volume of sales.

Clothing - Hard security tags, which come in a range of designs and have various operating systems and strengths, are typically used to fasten clothing. These elements all work together to increase the security of your possessions.

The tag, which contains the EAS receiver, the pin, which goes through the garment, and the locking mechanism are the three main components of clothing tags (which secures the pin into place).

The locking mechanism and strength will be covered in more detail later, but in terms of security, round (shell) tags are frequently preferred since they are more difficult to pry apart. The size of the pinhead should also be taken into consideration.

The harder it is to pull a pin through a garment without destroying fabric and making it worthless, the bigger the pin head.

In the meanwhile, ink dye tags are also often used on garments and can be used in place of or in addition to an EAS tag.

Permanent ink is discharged into the clothing when ink dye tags are tampered with, serving as a method of benefit denial.

Fashion accessories

Instead of having a pin go through the real item, fashion accessories like purses and shoes are frequently fastened using a cable tag or lanyard and tag.

High-strength cables that can't be easily cut or yanked off by a thief should be used in lanyards. Meanwhile, optical tags that were specifically created to protect eyewear can be used.

High-end consumables and electronic accessories

Batteries and razors are a couple of the most commonly stolen products in the retail industry. Other common things taken include electronic accessories and consumables. The finest methods of security for them are multi-purpose tags and display hook stop locks.


There are a variety of tags made expressly for liquor bottles, with straps, caps, and safe locks available, whether it's premium booze or a rare bottle of red.

Small Objects

Adhesive security labels are the greatest choice for little things like groceries or hardware that frequently sell in large numbers since they are inexpensive and disposable. You must consider whether tiny two-dimensional labels or flat, paper-thin labels are chosen.

The security of medications is better served by AM-based systems since they frequently include a lot of foil.

Security level

The ease with which a tag may be forced apart and removed depends on the locking mechanism that holds the pin firmly in place.

It is possible for this locking mechanism to be magnetic or mechanical. The latest technology in magnetic locking systems boasts nearly impregnable security. They come in a range of strengths.

Following are the several categories for magnetic strength:

Standard: Featuring a standard-strength magnet, this variant is still preferred by legacy systems but is most vulnerable to theft.

SuperLock: Tags of this grade offer improved resistance to unauthorised removal since they use a powerful magnet that is frequently more than twice as strong as normal magnets.

HyperLock: Unlocked by combining a number of strong magnets grouped in a single detachable body. There is a tag called HyperLock that is part of the BossTag family.

Since detachers are difficult for potential thieves to produce, obtain, and transport, HyperLock provides additional protection.

Further questions?

To learn more about which security tags are a good fit to upgrade at your retail store, INEO’s expert online support staff are able to assist you with the decision. Please reach out to Amit Pannu, at APannu@ineosolutionsinc.com. 

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