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A Security Tag Upgrade

Stores continuing with the same EAS and loss prevention products is the best case scenario in the ever-evolving minds of criminals and shoplifters. Even the most secure tags, like ink tags—where the material is ruined if the tag is removed improperly—can be removed with a little bit of motivation when you research "how to remove security tags off clothing." Security tag strategies that were successful ten to twenty years ago could not be as successful in the 2020s.

Better Magnets

Normal security tag magnet strength may have been sufficient to discourage criminals in the past, but this is not necessarily the case nowadays. A stronger magnet is harder to steal, and security tags with greater magnetic fields are significantly more challenging to remove.

Tag Shape

Security tags are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Different security tag forms present different levels of removal difficulty. For instance, a Golf Tag, sometimes referred to as a Clamshell Tag, is far more challenging to pry apart than other forms.

Ink-filled shell tags have the advantages of AM or RF frequency and the disadvantage of indelible ink.

Particular Tags

A smart method to refresh your security tag and loss prevention strategy is to use product-specific tags. Utilizing specialised and item-specific EAS items, such as liquor bottle locks, eyeglass tags, and spider wraps, is highly recommended.

These tags are a great addition to both general retail and specialist shops.

To learn more about which security tags are a good fit to upgrade at your retail store, INEO’s expert online support staff are able to assist you with the decision. Please reach out to Amit Pannu, at APannu@ineosolutionsinc.com.