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Pencil Mini Clothing Security Tag (8.2MHz, Black) - Pack of 500

The Pencil Mini anti-theft tag works well to protect items ranging from heavy materials to delicate apparel. Featuring a modern, defeat resistant design and easy application/removal at the point-of-sale, this Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag is ideal for protecting a wide variety of merchandise to prevent shoplifting. The tag is Checkpoint compatible and is designed for RF 8.2MHz systems. Requires Flathead 16mm or 19mm pin...

Rectangular Mini Clothing Security Tag with Pins (8.2MHz, Black) - Pack of 500

A versatile all-purpose Checkpoint compatible, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security tag, the 8.2MHz Rectangular Mini is a mainstay of many retailers to prevent shoplifting. Its small form factor and simple design make attaching it to items smooth and easy while also securing items without interfering with the shopper experience, merchandising or brand promotion. Flathead 5/8" pins are included.  Utilizes either...

Designer Tamper Resistant Midi Clothing Security Tag (8.2MHz, 2.16", Black) Pack of 500

The Designer Tamper Resistant Midi Tag is also one of our best selling products to prevent shoplifting. This tag is Checkpoint compatible and is designed for 8.2MHz RF systems. The tag measures 2.16" (55mm) in diameter and comes in Black. The Designer Tamper Resistant Micro Tag is also sometimes referred to as a "Golf tag" or "Clam Shell tag" due to...

Self Alarming Screamer Tags RF 8.2MHz - Pack of 10

Designed to protect luxury items such as leather and suede coats, designer bags and luggage, this self-alarming screamer tag can provide three levels of protection, ensuring the maximum security for your valuable merchandise.  The Self Alarming Security Tags are Checkpoint compatible and are designed to work with RF 8.2MHz systems. The tags are considered three alarming tags: 1. The tag triggers the alarms on the loss prevention pedestals upon exit. 2. Once the pedestals have been alarmed, the tag itself starts to alarm...

Spider Tag Self Alarming BOX Wrap - RF8.2MHZ - Pack of 10

PACK OF 10 Self Alarming Spider Tags Size: LARGEEAS RF Self Alarming Security Magnetic Spider Wrap TagThe Spider self-alarming tag protects merchandise of varying sizes. The self-adjusting mechanism keeps the lanyards from becoming twisted, and the alarm sounds if a lanyard is cut.  Also, the integrated EAS technology will initiate systems alarm at store entries and exits.The spider tag wraps around and protects...

Bottle Tag (8.2MHz, Black) Pack of 100

Security Tags wholesale offers a Checkpoint compatible Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) bottle tag in the RF 8.2MHz frequency which is very versatile and works with almost all bottles to prevent shoplifting. It utilizes a strong metal cable which allows it to be customisable for virtually any bottle thickness, including very large bottles. It is easily removed with one hand at the point...

AM Designer Tamper Resistant Clothing Security Tag Micro (AM 58KHz, 1.75" ) Pack of 500

The Designer Tamper Resistant Micro Tag measures 1.75" in diameter and it works with Sensormatic as well as other AM systems in the 58Khz range. This tag is also sometimes referred to as a "Golf tag" or "Clam Shell tag" due to it's unique design. The Designer Tamper Resistant Micro Tag is one of our best-selling products to prevent shoplifting of clothing...

Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Clothing Security Tag (8.2MHz, 2.16", Clear) Pack of 500

Designer Tamper Resistant Clear Ink Tag is a combination tag designed to offer standard anti-theft alarm activating ability with the strong visual deterrent of liquid ink packs to prevent shoplifting. It is Checkpoint compatible and is made for  8.2MHz systems, is 2.16" (55mm) in diameter and combines all of the great features of the Designer Tamper Resistant regular tag but also...

Super Designer Detacher (12000GS)

The Super Designer Detacher has is one of the strongest EAS tag detachers in its class while at the same time retaining a sleek, polished look to blend in with your checkout environment. The magnet rating of this Detacher is 12000GS. The Super Designer Detacher will remove almost all RF tags including the Designer Tamper Resistant Tags.